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New music software

2011-07-22 17:54:41 by Christopher78

:D yaya new music software, its rly easy too

Im back

2011-06-04 17:20:15 by Christopher78

I have returned to make better music with an ACTUAL unique beat and tune


2010-09-24 17:30:53 by Christopher78

My computer Internet crashed but now I am back with faster server!

hello so anyways.. Im on Youtube!
so if u want videos go to youtube and if u want MUSIC go to this place
Youtube Account:Buker98

Hi Guys

2010-05-18 14:17:18 by Christopher78

hey well yeah like I said I am working on something long....
and I might be doing a flash very very soon...
so give me ideas for a flash!


2010-04-11 13:50:46 by Christopher78

I will post some music some days
so get ready
I've already posted one too